Finishing up my anatomy course and other stuff

General / 07 November 2021

For a large part of this year I have been working steadily through Scott Eaton's anatomy course and I have finally finished! It's been very information dense and pretty exhausting but so worth it. 

Based on my newfound anatomy knowledge I decided to revise my cyberpunk orc character and fix some of the anatomy issues I could now more easily pick up on. Mostly the proportions were a bit off.

I try to make the goal of getting acquainted with a new software each year and as you might have seen in my last blog post, I was working through a Udemy course on Unity. That also got wrapped up with me making my final level exploring switches, platforms, tuning enemies, creating interesting terrain paths, dialog boxes and health crates. I've been looking at tutorials from small indie game creators on how they make cute little 2D games and that has now peaked my interest, looks so fun. Being interested in too many things with too little time is always my one big problem.

Amazing writing for the dialog boxes! (lol). This was all done using the Explorer 3D game kit.

My comic gets neglected due to my focus needing to be on leveling up as a concept artist, but I squeeze in working on a page here and there where I can. Here is one of my latest finished pages as well as a geometry block-in for the next page. Scroll down to see some buff 3D glutes and abs.

If you've scrolled all the way to the end of this, thanks for having a look at what I've been up to!