Anatomy Studies and Learning Unity!

General / 27 July 2021

Things have been quiet my side for quite a while now.  A lot of art goals pretty much flew out the window this year due to a lot of hectic personal stuff going on, some of which involved me being sick with Covid for a good three weeks. Loadshedding doesn't help much with productivity either.

Through it all I've still been going along with personal studies when I have been able to.  Decided to take a deep dive into anatomy as that is something I tend to take for granted and assume I know pretty well.  I've been learning a lot and always amazed by how much I still don't know. It's painful to look back at my work and see some glaring problems but great to see my eye is becoming more trained to be critical of my own work.

In addition to that I've also been working through an introduction course to Unity! Scroll to the bottom to see the Sandbox level I've created using a free downloadable 3D game kit.  Learning lots of interesting things and seeing it all come together in the final part of the course where I create a level based on everything I've learnt so far. 

That's it from me for now. I will be back soon with more anatomy studies and the final level I've created in Unity.  

  Some of the reference pictures I studied from can be found at