Studies and sketch dump for February

General / 28 February 2020

Getting back into my Schoolism course, Fundamentals of Color and Light by Sam Nielson. 

Got back into it by revisiting the first lesson by making a render of an object I created in Maya and used that as reference trying to predict the light and shadow on another object. 

Got into Assignment 5 for hair and fur

Portrait study of Tom Holland for fun as a bit of a warm-up before tackling assignment 6 on skin and faces  

Sketchbook stuff while sitting in a coffee shop. Thinking of ideas and shapes for masked ball costume character designs for my comic and little color studies of James Gurney's paintings while reading through his book, Color and Light.  

Study and sketch dump for December and January

General / 30 January 2020

  Animal anatomy studies and assignment 1 for Terryl Whitlatch's Schoolism course


Studies during 2019

General / 29 September 2019

This year I hit some patches of art block. Spent a lot of time on some personal works that didn't make it into my portfolio. 

Sometimes I just gotta give my brain a break from creating personal content and just unwind doing some studies to brush up on some fundamentals. 

Here are some studies I've done through out 2019. 






Schoolism assignment 

Albert Bierstadt master study

Closing off for 2018

General / 01 January 2019

Hey guys! 

Happy new year! 

This post wraps up with the last few things I've been working on through to the end of 2018. 

I polished and finished up my characters I did through the Robot Pencil mentorship I took with Anthony Jones and very pleased with how they all turned out. I'll probably still create some character sheets for my portfolio with some turnarounds and character break downs and so forth. 

I also recently got into the basics of some 3D work. Figured it will serve me to expand my skill base a little. So far I've been getting to grips with Maya, Substance Painter and a little bit of Unity. 

I enrolled for a Substance Painter course through Udemy in which I was given a scene of a room filled with objects and was taken through the process of texturing every object in the room and later adding lighting in Unity. 

2018 was quite a productive year and I hope 2019 will be filled with plenty more art breakthroughs. 

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around to view my progress! 

What I've been up to in September and October

General / 24 October 2018

Hey guys!


So September was filled with lots of work on the fundamentals of rendering - light, shadow, color, reflection etc. I've been making steady progress through Sam Nielson's Schoolism course on the Fundamentals of Light and Shadow. In addition to my assignments I did some studies. Some from photo reference, putting some objects on my desk and painting from life and also just finding interesting abstract sculptures and painting them. Rendering abstract shapes is good for just focusing in on accurately rendering form changes. 


I always need to change things up after a while as I get bored easily. I decided to enroll in Anthony Jones character design mentorship for October and I'll resume Sam Nielson's course when I'm done. The mentorship has been really great so far, despite having to get up at 3am for the class meet-ups. It's serving as a good test to see how well I can apply my fundamentals I've been learning to a set of characters. So far I'm discovering I still need to work at retaining solid fundamentals even when working at speed with deadlines. Values getting a bit messy here and there so I will probably have to clean up a lot on the final characters.

Theme: Peter Pan set in a post-apocalyptic diesel punk setting

Initial thumbnails:

Some quick renders and color variations:

I was beginning to feel that a lot of what I've been doing for the mentorship was looking a bit rushed, having to get it all done after work hours. I managed to squeeze in some time to tweak my designs a bit more, refining their shapes and giving more thought to details like Tink's wings. 


That's all for now. I'll be sure to update on the progress of these characters. If you've stuck around until the end of this blog post, thank you for checking it out! :)

Art Fundamentals in August

General / 26 August 2018

Hello to all who pops around to see what I'm up to :) 

Continuing the daily grind of honing fundamentals. 

I've switched to Sam Nielson's Schoolism course on the fundamentals of color and light and really learning a lot. I'd definitely recommend this course along with Scott Robertson's How To Render for a really in depth grasp on this. 

So far I've completed the first assignment, but think it's worth a repeat with a different texture to really push my understanding of how the light is falling on the object. 


I've also worked through Ahmed Aldoori's tutorial on lighting the head from all different directions, and first planning your lighting scenario on a sphere as reference. 


I've also done studies of my house in grey-scale using photos taken at different times of day - morning, noon, late afternoon and overcast to analyse the way the lighting, values and shadows change. 

My latest addition to my portfolio is the design of the lead female character of my comic, Lady Abella Barousse ( but throughout the story she will just be known as Echo, as Fino imagines her in his day dreams. Her name is Echo because she represents a mere echo of what he hopes to find in a woman; the idealistic fanciful hopes he projects onto a girl he barely knows in reality). 

Here are her costumes designs, showing different options for a dress at the masked ball - some softer, some more dramatic. 

What am I up to this May?

General / 15 May 2018

Hey guys

I've decided I want to start posting a blog once or twice a month, just sharing little details about what I'm up to in my artistic journey. 

This month is my birthday (yay) and another year older always forces me to reflect on what I accomplished in the year before and whether or not I'm on point with my artistic goals. 

In 2017 I met my goals of creating a visual- development portfolio project based on the first issue of my comic Woolgathering. I also completed and printed the first issue of my comic and sold it at Rage.

So far this year I've been getting into some serious study to try and level up so my next portfolio has a noticeable improvement in quality. I signed up to Wouter Tulp's Schoolism course and got busy with those assignments. My understanding of shape design has improved massively and I haven't even finished the course yet.  This year I really up to redo my portfolio with new skills, learn a 3D software program, start practicing techniques for speed and progress with issue 2 of my comic. 

In April I flew down to Fancon in Cape Town which was a great experience. Got some good feedback on the issue 1 of Woolgathering and now I'm amped to get going with the second issue. So May has been a busy month trying to direct my focus on what's important for attaining my future goals. I have been going through Scott Robertson's How To Render and this is really helping me with a fundamental understanding of light and shadow, something I know I struggle with. I'll be posting some up coming studies I plan on doing from what I've learnt so far from this book. The thumbnails for Woolgathering issue 2 are underway! Small steps. Focused attention. Consistent action.