Wild West Character Design Challenge
Cassandra lee sal artstation final

Sal the sheriff's apprentice

Cassandra lee frank artstation final

Frank the town's sheriff

Cassandra lee riff artstation final

Soaring Eagle otherwise known as Riff

Cassandra lee thump artstation final

Thundering Bear otherwise known as Thump, the drummer

Cassandra lee maple syrup artstation final

Maple Syrup the can can girl

Cassandra lee boswell artstation final

Boswell the saloon owner

Cassandra lee blinky bill artstation final

Blinky Bill, outlaw and Bushwack Jack's sidekick

Cassandra lee bushwack jack artstation final

Bushwack Jack the infamous outlaw

Cassandra lee grizzel artstation final

Grizzel the cyborg bear gunslinger

Cassandra lee gruff artstation final

Gruff the cyborg buffalo gunslinger

Wild West Character Design Challenge

The main protagonist is Sal, a young enthusiastic 16 year old girl with a dare devil streak. She is currently the apprentice of the town's sheriff Frank. Much to Frank's dismay she often inadvertently finds herself causing trouble. Her undeniable sharp shootings skills ensures that her potential as a future law-woman does not go unnoticed by the local towns folk.

Both Sal and Frank find themselves faced with the task of tracking down Bushwack Jack, an infamous outlaw who also happens to be something of a mad scientist/inventor and his sidekick, Blinky Bill. Bushwack Jack's latest genius innovations are two cyborg gunslingers Grizzel and Gruff and they carry out all of his criminal activities, terrorizing the townsfolk day and night.

Along their journey of seeking out Bushwack Jack's secret hideout, Sal and Frank encounter Thump and Riff, a guitarist and drummer who are road tripping across the wild west with their heavy metal band, hoping to make it big and seeking out adventure wh

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